Lutuo bazaar professional shoes support public welfare


October 25th afternoon, Weifang Jingan Park, a large public charity event held as scheduled, the sale income all donated to Shandong Weifang Charity Federation HelpAge project.
A total of 6 employees of the extension protection company took advantage of the weekend, led by Zhang Jing, executive director of the general manager of the company and the executive director of the Charity Federation, to take part in the bazaar with their products, professional shoes. Mr. Sun said, although we made shoes for more than 10 years, we donated shoes for charity projects, has never been so Shetan sold shoes. At beginning, so we are ready, our booth was quickly surrounded by the customer, try to find shoes, turning box size, everybody busy awfully. Sun Zong personally introduced products, told you that the shoes are our own production, charity sale is to help the elderly community elderly people to improve life, but also attracted the trust of customers, appreciation and onlookers. At this time, other stall partners came to help, even the Charity Federation President Li Ting has been next to the cashier. Chairman Li said, today's Roth Beater is charity sales champion, road Billiton sales accounted for nearly 1/2 of the total sales!
Practice corporate social responsibility, and actively participate in public welfare undertakings,Roth Beater, has been adhering to!

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