India leather shoes are in short supply and the price of leather is soaring


India domestic sustained high inflation and Saravan months (the Hindus in India during the month of Ramadan, the Hindus in India suspended the meat, resulting in the number of hides and skins to appear on the market to reduce the impact, India) the original leather prices soaring.
Domestic trade in India
Sheepskin footwear manufacturers: stable operation, the wet blue leather trading to remain active, strong price. Buyers try to keep prices down, but these are all sudden. Demand from the Far East, especially from Japan, remains slow for natural all chrome leather. However, the low grade products still sell well and the transaction price is stable. Northern India has shown a lasting interest in resin soft goat leather.
Cowhide: wet blue transactions more, prices rose 1 rupees. Compared with TR 1-3, traders show more interest in TR 4-8. The supply of low grade products is limited, so the price is firm. Footwear manufacturers have a regular interest in chrome chrome Lined Leather at the current price. Demand for calfskin for finished shoe upper leather in northern India.
Calf calf: a stable calf calf trade from buyers in northern India.
Water leather and light soft cowhide: for sole leather needs good leather drying business rather than sales in the domestic market, export sales. Because the prices in the domestic market are better. Prices soared by 5.00-10.00 rupees in just 3 to 4 weeks.
Soft calf leather: due to the non production season, the supply is small, because the price is strong. The real deal will start in the end of the month, and continued until the end of next year or two months a mid. export trade
Goat skin: the demand for glazed or polished high-grade finished leather has not improved since the end of the European holiday. However, more demand for semi chrome and chrome quality lining leather appears. Many types of deals are made at 0.85 euros per square foot, and sellers are shipped before November. The new offer is too small and 5 cents higher, but buyers are still resisting this growth price. Privately, they say the highest acceptable price is 0.86 euros per square foot. The seller said that the price must be almost close to reset, otherwise it will not be confirmed.
Sheep skin: from Europe, there are some scattered enquiries about polished soft leather. The number of raw skin increases, so the quotation is higher. Traders in the Far East showed some interest in a handful of varieties. Japanese traders' demand for natural full chrome suede is still very slow, and prices remain unchanged.
Cowhide lining leather: European traders demand moderate gray brown lining leather, but the supply is limited. Leather tanning manufacturers are not very enthusiastic about the offer, they want to more than 5 to 10 cents, otherwise prefer to wait. This is the reason why the price of raw leather has increased.
Buffalo Leather: due to the domestic supply shortage, so far only in northern India leather tanning manufacturers in the quotation. Southern India leather drying business would rather stick to the domestic leather trade.
Light and soft leather upper leather polish: South Africa dealer to demand is quite good.
Soft calf leather: because it is still in the non productive season, offer very little. Products will be sold at the beginning of October.
Raw hides and skins: Southern India goatskin price stability, and rose to 5 rupees, northern India, southern high price of 5 rupees. Sheep skins in southern India grew by 10 rupees, but prices in the North remained stable, rising by only 5 rupees. The cowhide price is over 15 rupees to 20 rupees. The calf price remains unchanged.

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