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Recently, Adidas China headquarters has confirmed that the factory will be closed in Suzhou during the year. A written reply from Adidas said the move was "a strategic consideration of re integration of global resources."". This is after the 2009 Nike closed the only shoe production factory in China - Taicang factory, another sporting goods giant moved out. The industry believes that the main reason is that the Suzhou factory closed Adidas rising land and labor costs Chinese, and speculation in China low cost advantage is obviously not in the occasion, Adidas factories will likely choose in Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea and other Southeast Asian nations, home of labor cost.
Rising raw material prices, weak market, rising labor costs, environmental policy pressures, footwear exports blocked...... In 2016, China footwear crisis, in the face of difficulties, China shoe on the front, decide on what path to follow? "Shoes by cheap survival time has ceased to exist, science and technology is the inevitable trend of the development of shoe shoe." The survey found that most shoe enterprises are aware of the importance of the transformation and upgrading of technology, footwear, but really the shoe shoe implement technology is not much, some shoe companies simply do not know how to the way some shoe shoe technology, science and technology are making shoes "stones". In fact, shoe-making is not only an ideal, but also the direction of the development of the industry. Fortunately, Chinese shoe enterprises have taken the steps forward, and the distance from the science and technology shoe-making is also getting closer and closer.
In order to adapt to the changing market demand, shorten the leather design and manufacturing cycle, make the product to many varieties, small and medium-sized direction of development. Chinese shoes have been in innovation, has realized the computer aided leather products (CAD, Computer Aided Design System) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM, Computer Aided Manufacturing System) application integration technology, promote industrial upgrading, shorten the product cycle from design to market. Practice has proved that the introduction of advanced automation equipment and related software, not only can standardize the shoe-making process, but also can liberate the productive forces, reduce the labor intensity of workers, save materials and reduce costs.
Shandong Road Beater protective Article Co., Ltd. is a "advanced with the times, continuous innovation" for the spirit of enterprise spirit of high-grade safety shoes manufacturing enterprises, along the way, has maintained a high speed development. Since 2010, the company introduced advanced equipment and technology from abroad, successfully developed Ampang light outdoor safety shoes and An Bangchao fiber fashion safety shoes, greatly improved the brand influence of Ampang safety shoes. In particular, road ultra fiber fashion shoes are highly valued by customers. It is reported that China's top 500 enterprises, road Billiton company for at least 25% of enterprises to provide foot safety protection and solutions.

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