Put the safety responsibility into the post and put it into practice


Grasp safety production, thousands of pieces, thousands of strokes, the most core one, the most critical trick is to pay close attention to the implementation of responsibility. In recent years, the situation of national security production has been steadily and steadily improved. The change from top to bottom is inseparable from the increasingly complete responsibility system and the rigid restriction of the implementation of responsibility.
Once the responsibility is implemented, discount, flexibility, the accident will take advantage of the "black hole" great prestige. Open the past accident investigation report, "the responsibility is not implemented" seems to be a regular guest, far from mentioning, say "11 • 22" serious accident. In this very serious responsibility accident, one "black hole" is impressively listed: lax management of the oil pipeline, resulting in leakage of crude oil; improper emergency response after the leak; failing to adopt precautionary measures such as setting up warning zones and closing roads. It can be said that each accident behind, almost all there are no responsible, not competent people responsible, no one responsible for the problem.
The lessons of history show that responsibility can never out of shape, always stiff, ringing everywhere. However, in some places, the responsibility is written on the document, say in the mouth, hanging on the wall, is not implemented on the action, post, head. In addition, the implementation of the responsibility is not moving, the above is extremely important, the following indifferent
How can we put the safety responsibility into the post and implement it to the individual?
First of all, to refine the responsibility, the responsibility is floating on the water surface, floating in the air, the key is not clear, not explained. We should deepen and refine the responsibility, make it clear, clear, and make a lot of interlocking. Party committees and governments at all levels should strengthen the sense of responsibility, the implementation of the industry department in charge of the direct supervision, consolidated supervision, safety supervision departments of the local government departments of territorial supervision, pipe industry must adhere to the safety tube, pipe business must control security, and the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility, and make concerted efforts. In particular, enterprises can not just think about the current money, while ignoring the long-term development, the implementation of the main responsibility in the end, unremittingly.
Secondly, strengthen the inspection, timely revealing problems, close the loopholes. The implementation of responsibility, most avoid orders and to ebbed and flowed, the moment can not be broken, always taut strings. Not long ago, the national safety inspection found a lot of hidden dangers, the problem is that some people are irresponsible. Therefore, according to local conditions, from time to time, often carry out safety inspections, ensure safety responsibility, responsibility, everyone is responsible for everyone.
Once again, strict accountability, to achieve the driving force, pressure outside. To the responsible units and persons responsible should be held strictly, strict accountability, have hit at the nub of. Only the security responsibilities to the job, to the individual, the formation of concrete duty, the interlocking "chain of responsibility", in order to build a solid defense for safe production.

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